Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Healing Power of the Mangosteen Fruit

A most unusual process is undertaken whem making Mangosteen juice in this product, for unlike most other products, the whole of the fruit is used, including the pericarp (peel or skin) and seeds to ensure none of the goodness is lost

The pure juice of the mangosteen fruit is processed to preserve the its rich healing properties

The Pericarp (skin or peel) has an abundance of Xanthones which gives this Queen of Fruits it healing properties

The Mangosteen abounds in Xanthones, Natures own little Healers, which the magic of this humble fruit laid.
Xanthones do not cover up symptom the way most pharmaceuticals do, they alter the physiology so allowing the body to heal its self from the inside.
The self same Xanthones are a rich source of antioxidants know to be five times stronger than vitamins C and E. Xanthones natural chemical properties are winning high acclaim with scientists around the world and research is going on throughout the world on the healing capabilities of this humble fruit.
By joining this opportunity you will be at the forefront of helping people in there quest for better health while at the same time having a very viable home business to share with others